Textile PrintingGrade CMC (Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose)


Degree of   Substitution

Conventional CMC


High DS Type CMC


Ultra high DS   Type CMC


Application in Textile Printing

1. Ultra high DS textile grade CMC is applicable to all reactiveprinting processes and suitable for table, flat and rotary screen printingmachines for cellulosic fabrics.

2. Ultra high DS textile grade CMC allows prints with high coloryield, color shade and excellent levelness and sharpness, even when severaloverprints are carried out.

3. Less stock thickener concentration, less dosage, price is muchlower than sodium alginate, which can significantly reduce the production cost.

4. Similar manufacturing technique, higher speed of printing onrotary machines compared with Sodium alginate.

5. Due to its chemical constitution, does not show any affinityfor the reactive dyes and

for cellulosic substrate. It is washable and therefore allowsprints with soft final hand feeling.

6. The penetration of the prints is related to the type of fabricand the speed of printing, and printing viscosity.

Application in Warp Sizing
CMC is excellent film-forming agents, used for warp-sizing in textiles in orderto provide high-strength to the cotton, rayon staple and polyester yarns,before they go into weaving phase in high speed looms. The good solubility aswell as problem-free wash off (desizing) characteristics of CMC make them easyto work with in sizing mills. CMC suspension encapsulates the yarn in sizingprocess, eventually increasing the abrasion resistance to prevent breakageduring the weaving. CMC which is applied in textile will show the advantages asfollows:

1. Green products, eco-friendly, and full biodegradation.

2. Easy pulping, no heating up and boiling down, and can bedissolved by cold water. Low carbon and energy saving.

3. No gel sedimentation, and no crusting, no foaming inside thesize vat and pipe;

4. Temperature resistance, antibiosis, and stability of sizeviscosity.

5. Easy dividing yarn and no bonding even in the high humidityweave workshop.

6. Tough and wear resistance of the size sheet; enhance the weaveefficiency, and reduce the yarn breakage to the minimum.

7. Without enzyme desizing, and the gray cloth can be scoured ordecolorized directly.