Battery Grade CMC (Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose)

CMC is mainlyused in battery negative paste function as binder, thickener and suspendingagent, which can disperse and stabilize non hydrophilic materials such as graphiteetc. It has strong cohesive force, low metal content, excellent electricalconductivity, electrochemical stability and thermal stability, environmentfriendly and safety, nontoxic and harmlessness.


Degree of Subsitution

Application Fields

K-Low D.S.


Used as binder,gel,silicon-based   additives and graphite modification

T-Conventional D.S.


L-High D.S.


CMC, with thestrong cohesion, good heat stability, electrical conductivity andelectrochemistry property, makes the active substance and electrolyte form theeven and dispersive paste, and takes the hydrogen bond effect with the silicon,therefore, it is not only widely used as the binder of cathode and anode, gelfor cathode protection, but also widely applied in the silicon base electrodeand graphite modification.