Toothpaste Grade CMC (Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose)

CMC is used as thickening additive in toothpaste toprevent the solid-liquid separation of toothpaste, which makes the toothpastehas a certain viscosity and consistency and the paste is smooth and fine, andit improves the taste of toothpaste.

In toothpaste, a variety of salt electrolytes areusually added, and the salt tolerance of CMC can effectively prevent theelectrolyte from damaging the paste viscosity, thinning and solid-liquidseparation.

CMC has the good pseudoplastic that is beneficial toimprove the production efficiency of toothpaste. It is more convenient tosqueeze out when you use.


Degree of Substitution

Application Fields



The toothpaste with CMC of high   thickening property





Regular toothpaste,herbal   toothpaste and the toothpaste with other effect





Transparent   toothpaste,semitransparent toothpaste etc.

Toothpaste is a dispersed system composedof abrasives, moisturizers, former, essence and water etc. CMC is one of themost important raw materials in toothpaste and plays the role of mixing evenlythe fluid and solid material, making the toothpaste molding, flowing, moderatethickness, brightness and smoothness. Furthermore, it helps the powders andliquids emulsify evenly to become the stable soliquoid, and plays the extremelyimportant role in stability and diffusivity.

CMC is mainly used as thickener in toothpaste toprevent its solids from liquids. It makes the toothpaste thickness, strip shapeand good frame and not be runny, soft and thin on the toothbrush, andmeanwhile, it keeps brightness and smoothness.