CMC In Food Application

2020-03-21 13:21

Sodium methylenecellulose (CMC) thickens, emulsified, suspended, water-preserving, enhancestoughness, puffing and preservation of other functions in food. It is preciselythese properties that cannot be compared to other thickeners that can improvetaste, improve quality and product quality, and extend shelf life.

CMC's function in food production

1. Thickening: the viscosity at low concentration, can control theviscosity of food processing. The lubricity of food;

2. Water retention: reduce dehydration and shrink food, extend theshelf life of food;

3. Dispersive stability: to maintain food quality and stability,prevent water stratification (emulsification), frozen food control crystal size(reduce ice);

4. Diaphragm: forming a film in fried food to prevent excessiveabsorption of fat;

5. Chemical stability: for chemicals, heat, light stability, has acertain anti-mold properties;

6. Metabolic inertness: as a food additive, it will not bemetabolized and does not provide calories in food.