Reasons for CMC application in Oil And Gas Drilling, Drilling And Other Projects

2019-10-16 00:00

food grade CMC.jpg

1. The mud containingCMC can make the well wall form thin and strong, low permeability filter cake,so that the water loss is reduced.

2. After adding CMC to the mud, the drilling rig can get a lowinitial cutting force, so that the mud is easy to release the gas wrapped init, while the debris quickly discarded in the mud pit.

3. Drilling mud and other suspended dispersions, has a certainperiod of existence, after joining the CMC can make it stable and extend theexistence period.

4. Mud containing CMC, rarely affected by mold, therefore, do notneed to maintain a high pH value, also do not need to use preservatives.

5. Including CMC as drilling mud well wash liquid treatment agent,can resist a variety of soluble salt pollution.

6. Mud containing CMC, good stability, even if the temperature isabove 150 degrees C can still reduce water loss.

High viscosity, high substitution CMC is suitable for low densitymud, and low viscosity high substitution CMC is suitable for high density mud.The selection of CMC should be determined according to the different conditionsof mud type and region, well depth and so on.