Regular production methods of CMC--water-media and solute methods

2020-03-21 13:17

medic-563423_1920.jpg1. Water-borne production process

It is a CMC method to react with the presence of alkali and etherin the condition of free alkali and water.

It is characterized by simple equipment, low investment, low cost,uneven product quality, low ether efficiency, low product viscosity.

2. The production process of the solutemethod

The solute method, also known as organic solvent method, is aprocess method for making CMC under the condition of alkalinization andetherification under the condition of the presence of organic solvent as areaction medium. According to the amount of reaction diluent is divided intosilt method and pinch legal (solvent method or suspension method).

Vector characteristics:

(1) The reaction process is heat transfer, mass transfer is rapidand uniform.

(2) The main reaction speed is fast, the side reaction is reduced,the utilization rate of ether agent is 10-20% higher than the water-basedmethod

(3) The stability and uniformity of the reaction are improved, andthe uniformity and performance of the replacement are greatly improved.

(4) The use of a large number of organic solvents, increasedmaterial consumption, organic solvent separation and recovery equipmentinvestment increased, production costs are higher than the water-based process.